Open Spaces In The Nashua, NH Area

There are many open spaces in Nashua and its surrounding areas where one can enjoy hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. The purpose of this web site is to be a guide to exploring your open spaces. Here you will find information on trails, trail heads, conservation lands as well as links to maps, directions, and additional details.

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Some Of Our Favorite Sites

  • Pulpit Rock Conservation Area, Bedford, NH
    Over 3 miles of well marked trails through 200 woodland acres. The area gets its name from a large granite outcrop overlooking a 40 foot deep pothole. The pothole was carved by melt water from receding glaciers.
  • Spalding Park Town Forest, Hollis, NH
    Spalding Forest and adjacent conservation lands cover over 400 acres of forest and wetland with miles of easy walking trails.
  • Benson Park, Hudson, NH
    This 168 acre park is the site of the former Benson's Wild Animal Farm. The park was opened to the public in 2010. It has picnic tables and over four miles of well marked trails.
  • Musquash Conservation Area, Londonderry, NH
    Musquash is an Algonquin word for Muskrat. This site has over 18 miles of trails on 900 acres of forest and wetlands. One of the trails leads to the Litchfield State Forest.
  • Purgatory Watershed, Mont Vernon, NH
    This 248 acre conservation area has about 7 miles of trails. Most of the trails are rough but well marked. Points of interest include a half-mile rocky gorge and Upper, Middle, and Lower Purgatory Falls.

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About This Site

My wife and I like to get out for an afternoon walk and explore open spaces. When we first started walking together, we knew of only a few places in the Nashua area, and were frustrated at the difficulty of finding others. Over time we've discovered many more and decided to start this web site to share the information. This is an ongoing project. More trail sites, information, photos, and features will be added periodically.

Please respect private lands, and carry out what you carry in.

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